IAM Yoga: A Different Experience

Toronto is one of those cities where saying that you’re “going yoga” is like going for lunch. The city is filled with yoga studios that claim that they provide something different. The reality is that most of them offer the same classes, at pretty same time. The thing that most studios miss is the yoga is meant to be more than just a way to work out- yoga is a series of poses done in a meditative state not only allowing you to work on your stamina, but help you find your equilibrium.
Enter the new player in the game- IAM Yoga, who have moved to a historic Toronto space designed by the same architect behind Casa Loma, E.J. Lennox, and is now one of Toronto’s most impressive yoga studios, offering over 6000 square feet of premium yoga classes, just steps away from Yorkville.

Why do I think that IAM Yoga is going to be different?

1 – IAM Yoga offers modernized and unique classes like ASSana flow, Aerial Yoga and Sweaty Balls conditioning classes.

2 – IAM Yoga is the ONLY studio in the city that has effectively shifted the focus of the practice of yoga from being solely about conditioning the body to taking a socially responsible role in providing people serious support when it comes to utilizing yoga to cope with severe stress, depression and emotional undertakings. 

3- IAM Yoga’s founder, Linda Malone, has started a non-for-profit organization called the Blu Matter Project, whose mission is to offer a new an holistic approach for people suffering from depression and bi-polar, rooted in the practice of yoga. In order to continue to be able to offer free yoga classes for people who are suffering from depression and bi-polar disorder.

4 – IAM Yoga offers members “From Our Kitchen“, a series of short seminars, lectures, interactive workshops and podcasts on how people can enhance their inner and outer beauty through healthier food choices and options, with some great sponsors on board for 2015.

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