How to Subtly Give Your Man a Makeover

You love him, of course, but his style? Not so much. If your guy’s fashion sense and grooming habits leave you wanting, you can subtly nudge him in the right direction without offending. If done right, you both will love his new look and he will be more confident than ever.

How to Subtly Give Your Man a Makeover

Understand His Insecurities

Your guy might seem like he’s made of steel, but underneath his poor choice of shirt may lay some insecurities that he’s looking to offset with his clothing. Don’t push him; if he’s really resistant to a particular style of clothing, it may be that he’s nervous about showing off a body part he doesn’t like, or may feel that the fit will exacerbate a feature he’s not looking to highlight. Seek to understand, and take his feelings into consideration.

Don’t Take Away His Personality

If he already has a strong sense of style (just one that you don’t like) your makeover efforts may be in vain. Many people show their personality through their clothing selections. For example, if he’s obsessed with his graphic Tees that remind him of childhood comics and cartoons, you’ll have a hard time breaking him away from the sentimental tendency. Your best bet in a situation like this would be to add some more modern pieces and stylish items that will tone down the item you don’t like while still keeping his personality.

Flaunt Some Flattery

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed compliment. Guys need to hear positive feedback, too, so make sure he knows when you appreciate a particular outfit or grooming choice. Your positive words and actions are subtle enough to help him feel like he’s not giving completely into your makeover, and he may find he really enjoys the things you suggest.

A Haircut

We know that haircuts and proper hair care can make a huge difference in appearance for guys and gals, so if his tresses are in need of an update, there are a few tactics you can use to get the ball rolling. Buy him a gift certificate to a salon that you love and go along with him to give some helpful hints—make sure you don’t channel his mom, though. If you hate the hair product he’s currently using, purchase a different kind and playfully tousle his hair one day. Mention how much you like him wearing it in the way you design and see if he picks up the habit.

Provide Some Inspiration

If he’s seriously lacking in awareness of fashion trends, you can provide some subtle inspiration around the house. Mention an outfit you love on a character playing on your favorite television show, or strategically place some men’s fashion magazines on the coffee table or near the toilet. With any luck he’ll peruse them and get the hint—along with some excellent fashion suggestions.

Skin Care

Men don’t seem to put as much emphasis on skin care, but it’s just as important for your guy to have a regular skin routine to take care of his body’s largest organ. Help him try out some new products by throwing your selections into the shower. He’s bound to let curiosity get the best of him and give them a try. Gift him with a BirchBox for Men delivery each month. Filled with shaving and hair products, along with other skin essentials, he’ll be able to experience a variety of products without feeling suckered into it. He’ll probably find himself happily awaiting the delivery each month and have a hard time ignoring the call of a box that begs to be unwrapped.

Go With Gifts

If your guy simply isn’t taking your suggestions when he goes shopping, your only answer may be to fill up his closet yourself through gifts. To keep him on the edge of fashion trends with ease, peruse the modern men’s products and gifts on a site like Mix in a new jacket choice with a wall clock on his birthday for two items that are practical, and more importantly to your makeover aims, stylish.

It’s A Slow Process

Don’t try to completely change your guy overnight, and remain open to his wishes. Incorporate some pieces over a few weeks and months, and make some compromises with pieces he loves. Be patient; changing a style he’s had his entire life won’t be accomplished in a day’s time.

If your guy’s fashion sense is seriously lacking, or he’s got none to speak of, then he’s a great candidate for a girlfriend-approved makeover. Mix your subtle suggestions along with some blunt, well said fashion advice to start his transformation.

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