How to Pack For a Quick Weekend Away

Ah, long weekends! We live for them. We get excited at the idea that we’re going to have an extra day off, and make plans to spend it away with friends, and family. Long weekends are made for exploring a new city, or just lounging at the cottage.

If you’re anything like us, you take every chance you can get to sneak away for a few days for a change of scenery. We try to do it every weekend in the summer, and we’re lucky that the weather has been amazing this year.

We’ve done it so often that we can be packed and ready to do in a few minutes flat. Don’t get us wrong, the process has taken a few years to perfect, but once you get the basics down, you don’t even think about it.

The tricky part of packing for a weekend is deciding what clothes to bring- you can’t bring the same that you would to the cottage if you’re going to a new city to explore.

And while the basics are the same- think pjs, casual wear etc. The main wardrobe is where the bulk of packing time is allocated.

Here’s what we pack for a typical weekend away.

How to Pack For a Quick Weekend Away

Here’s also where having a stocked toiletries bag comes in handy!

We have ours packed and ready to go, and here’s what’s in it:
How to Pack For a Quick Weekend Away



A&H TM Truly Radiant TM Rejuvenating Toothpaste – Clinically proven to whiten teeth in just 5 days, beautifying your smile and it goes beyond whitening to clean and strengthen tooth enamel and leaves your mouth with a light and crisp mint flavour and a cool sensation.

A&H TM Spinbrush TM Truly Radiant TM Manual Brush in Extra White –The only manual brush with a rotating head designed for a deep clean. Its elongated bristles help to clean hard to reach places and rotate as you brush to blast away plaque  and the extra white manual brush uses whitening bristles and a specially designed whitening cup to enhance stain removal.

Clinique CC Cream- Tied with being our favourite CC cream out there. It goes on like a dream, and stays put all day. For even lighter coverage, we tend to mix it with a bit of moisturizer.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara– There’s a reason why it’s the top selling mascara in Sephora.

CK ONE– Pretty much the only scent that we carry around with us.

Redken Two Smooth 03– Those who have curly hair know that there’s a very fine line in humidity between curly and frizzy, and weekends away are not the place to live with your frizz. This is a life saver on those hot and humid days when your hair needs to stay in place.

Clinique Loose Powder Bronzer– If there is one thing that we don’t leave the house without it’s bronzer or blush. And this one is our favourite.

Essie – Our two staples for this fall are: Color Binge (orange) and In the Lobby (deep purple)


This post is in partnership with  A&H TM


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