How To: Pack For 2 Vacations at Once

Very rarely do we get the chance to go on multiple adventures when we go down south. We either want to spend the entire week on the beach, or we opt for the trip that lets us go on as many excursions as possible. That’s not the case all the time, and if we’re lucky we can find the middle ground where we can do a bit of both.

The tricky part, however, is when we’re packing for the trip. What do we focus on? How many bikinis is considered too many? It’s those questions that cause us to panic. But panic no more! We’ve put together the must have items  packing list that every fashionista should know by heart! It’s twice as important when you’re splitting your time between the beaches, and night life in Cancun, and the cultural activities of Merida!

How to pack for a vacation


The most important tip here is that you have to be ready for the heat, and pack light fabrics that breathe (even if the humidity doesn’t let you), along with the appropriate sunscreen! We can’t stress the part about the sunscreen!

Packing for a duo holiday in Cancun and Merida is easier than you think because it’s all about getting double duty out of your wardrobe.

1) Shorts: Pick a pair that you can easily dress up and down. Shorts are great to toss on over a bathing suit bottom in a pinch too!

2) Bathing Suit: Pretty much non-negotiable if you’re planning on spending any time on the beach. There are tons of options out there, so find one that you’re comfortable in.

3) Tank tops: These can be dressy or casual. We’re a fan of adding accessories to dress up a white tank top up as it allows us to have versatile options.

4) Sunglasses: These are a must if you plan of spending in the sun, but make sure you apply sunscreen to your face often. No one wants raccoon eyes.

5)  Maxi dress: Look for something cotton, or something that is light to pack and doesn’t need to be ironed. These are great when you’re wandering around town and don’t want to give the full tourist vibe.

6) A cross body bag: Easier to carry around, and harder to lose.

7) A hat: We like the big sun hats for the beach since we can’t really wear those anywhere else.

8) Sandals: Look for each slightly dressy but comfy that can taken on and off easily. A flat is perfect if you don’t have high arches, or add a pair of comfy but slightly dressy wedges that will take you from day to night. Stick with dressy flip flops the rest of the time.

There tons of other items that you can throw in your bag, but these are the building blocks.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Transat Holidays.


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