How to Make Blue Eyes Pop: Your 2019 Guide

Blue eyes. It seems like the world has a fascination with this eye color.

There are entire songs written about blue eyes. Thousands of people search information about how to make sure their babies have blue eyes, how to make blue eyes pop, and how to accentuate those baby blues.

So we’re going to explain how to make blue eyes stand out with actual science, color theory, and examples.

Check it out.

Choose Tones Opposite on the Color Wheel

It used to be said that if you want to make blue eyes stand out, you needed to choose an orange eye-shadow.

The real case, though is that if you want to accentuate a color, put it next to a color that is opposite on the color wheel. Rarely are eyes a pure blue. That would make them boring. Eyes have dimensions and undertones.

how to make blue eyes pop eye color wheel


  • If you have blue/green eyes, opt for an orange-toned eyeshadow, blush, hair accessory or shirt
  • If you have blue/grey eyes, opt for yellow-toned shades
  • If you have darker blue eyes, yellows and orange shades will help them stand out more.
  • If you have blue/brown eyes, opt for yellow/green undertones.
  • If you have light blue eyes, orange, red and pink is your best bet.

This blue-toned pink hat makes her light blue eyes pop:



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Whereas in this image, the blue/green eyes are accentuated with the red ribbon.


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Maybe this Christmas will mean something more ☃️

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Orange-toned, red-toned, or purple-toned doesn’t mean straight up orange, purple, or red.

You can have orange-toned pinks (coral), purple-toned pinks (fuchsia, magenta), and red-toned pinks (berry).

There’s orange-toned neutrals (think amber), yellow-toned browns (bronze), and more.

Know Your Skin Undertones

After you figure out what colors are opposite on the color wheel for you, the next step is knowing the undertones of your skin.

Your skin color may change over time. For example, you might get a tan, you may have been born very pale and your skin darkens as you age.

The one thing that never changes, however, is your skin undertones. People can have:

  • Cool undertones (base tone of blue, pink)
  • Warm undertones (base tone of yellow, gold)
  • Neutral undertones (rare).

It’s your skin undertone that will make a color look great on you or wash you out. That’s why, even if both you and a friend have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, a certain color might look amazing on you and terrible on her… and vice versa.

If you have cool undertones, opt for jewel tones and starker colors (royal blue, blue/red, berries).

If you have a warm undertone to your skin, opt for pastels and more neutrals to make your eyes stand out.

Your eyes can’t stand out if your skin doesn’t look bright and healthy, and choosing the right color for your skin undertone is key.

Change Your Hair Color

If you really want your eyes to stand out, change your hair color. It is expected for a blonde to have blue or green eyes, and for a brunette to have brown and hazel.

Deviate from the norm to make your eyes really stand out.

Marissa’s light grey eyes stand out even from afar because she has dark brown hair.

When choosing the next hair color, consider your skin undertones as well as your eye color to achieve the look you want.

Shy Away From Dark Makeup

If you have unusually light blue eyes, dark makeup might bring them out, however, typically blue eyed individuals should stick with the browns when it comes to eye liner and mascara.


This is not a hard and fast rule, and rules are made to be broken. So if you’re feeling the dark look on a night out, grab your black eyeliner!

But you can usually achieve what you’re looking for with dark brown or mauve. Our favorite is Skone Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner in Brown or Plum to achieve a dramatic winged eyeliner look that doesn’t wash blue eyes out.

Next time you read up on how to make blue eyes stand out, and you come across generic advice about wearing rich colors, be skeptical. Take the advice here instead and know thy skintone, know thy eye tone, and know thyself 🙂

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