Hotel Review: Rockhouse Hotel Negril Jamaica

It’s not often that you go to do a hotel review, and have a hard time caring about what the inside of each room looks like. Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, however, is one of the places.  Let’s face it, there are so many places to visit in the world, and while there are many options when it comes resting your head at night, we tend to gravitate towards places that bring us peace, and give us a view that we can’t find at home- no matter how hard we look. RockhouseView

Rates: With rates starting $95/night, this Negril gem is hard to leave after a week.

What you get: The views are spectacular with blue waters as far as the eye can see. Rockhouse Hotel sits on cliffs of Pristine Cove allowing you easy access to go diving, and cave hunting just below, along with access to the best sunrises and sunsets of your life, all with the secluded privacy that only a hotel on the cliffs can provide.


Rockhouse Hotel has a spectacular pool thats perfect for destination weddings, events, parties. Amenities: It takes a while to realize that there are no TVs (with the exception of the one in the lobby), but with a view this spectacular, it’s as if the management knew that you won’t want to spend time in your rooms. For the food lovers Rockhouse Hotel is also home to 2 award winning restaurants,  the Rockhouse Restaurant, Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar, making sure that there is something for everyone.


 If getting pampered is more your thing, then the Rockhouse Spa is for you. It’s hard to go wrong when you have a choice of getting a massage in 1 of 8 private rooms or on the cliffs. jamaica_20110423-410 Activities: There are tons of activities daily ranging from Yoga on the cliffs, to many different watersports including swimming in the cliff side pool, snorkeling and swimming on the reef, or taking a dive at one of Negril’s great dive sites. Off-site tours such as snorkel trips, tennis, golf, scuba diving, sailing, water skiing along with many other activities can be arranged through the front desk. Rockhouse-pool Overall: Rockhouse Hotel in Negril is one the best places that we’ve been to in a long time. Not only is the hotel spectacular, but they are heavily involved in the community with the Rockhouse Foundation, which allows you to visit local schools during your trip to volunteer. The experience is worth every penny, even if it’s for the views alone. It’s no wonder it’s rated as one of the best hotels in the Caribbean.


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