Here’s How to Reconnect with Your Spouse Right Now

If you’re still in love with the person you said “I do” to many moons ago, in front of the closest of family and friends, then bravo. We salute you. But to feel and show love are two different things and not entirely exclusive of one another. You can love someone and not feel the strong bond that you once did. If that sounds like you, don’t fret. Here are three ways you can reconnect with your spouse today.

Here’s How to Reconnect with Your Spouse Right NowExplore a trail together.

The hustle and bustle of daily work may have you connected and uploading, but unfortunately it may be to the wrong person. Take a time out and plan an outdoor adventure where you and your honey can explore some local trails together. Dreamy isn’t it? Most counties and towns have websites with information that will help you map out your hike, learn about the wildlife, and read up on any historic facts that pertain to that particular area.  If you’re athletically inclined you may consider running the trail together. It will get your heart going while adding that splash of excitement to your romantic outdoorsy rendezvous.


Go camping.

Assuming you like the outdoors, going camping may be the most primitive way you can nurture reconnecting with your love. Why? Because you are away from all the technical gadgets that require your attention daily and forced to interact in the most simplistic and gentle of ways with your life partner. So do your planning properly and you will have a trouble-free night under the stars.  Depending on where you live, there are peak seasons for campgrounds so make sure to book your stay before you head out. In the South the peak season is the fall and winter when the weather is mild and cool and the mosquitoes have yet to come out. In other places, spring and summer may be season favorites, a time when the melted snow gives its permission to go. In addition to food and camping gear, be sure to pack some good wine and evening activities like cards and boards games. In today’s world we are so dependent on our phones and the web, it may take some fun conversation starters to get the bonding going.


Host a home poker game with friends.

If you’re ready to leave the outdoors behind and return to your cozy home, eat real food, and see people then head on in.  After spending some good quality time outside with your spouse, you both may be ready to open your doors to friends. Let the reconnection continue, as a couple of course. Do something fun and host a home poker game.  You can give it a theme like Las Vegas night and have all your guests dress up in semi-formal attire.  Everyone loves a good reason to dress up.  Couples Texas Hold ’em is another popular option that can be a little more laid back but just as fun.  Whichever option you choose make sure your beverage and finger foods complement the mood. Gambling the night away together is another perfect way to rekindle the love between you.


How do you reconnect and rekindle with the one you love most?

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