Have you Heard about Minling?

Yesterday evening I attended the Spring Preview at Minling Pan Studio  and was thoroughly charmed by Minling, her lovely store, the clothing, and our recent Chic Darling, Valerie Stachurski.

Along with the other wonderful fashion bloggers that attended, I was treated to a style and colour consultation by Minling herself, a service she offers as a Saturday workshop. I was a little nervous as I sat there and wondered if I was already wearing the wrong colour scarf or shirt, but Minling quickly put my worries at ease. She is a sincere and sweet woman who just wants to help you look good! I learned quite a lot from her, like how I’m ‘tricky’. I don’t fall under any of her colour categories. I have an ash colour in my hair, warm brown and olive eyes (I always thought they were an ugly brown), milky skin, and rosy lips. She said I was a challenge but she decided that brown is my new black — warm tones are perfect for me, light rose colours are best for my lips, and navy blues or grays are best for suits and dressy clothing. I must stay away from bright colours, greens, and yellows. Her consultation helped me see my features in a different light and gave me some great guidelines for my next shopping trip! I definitely recommend checking it out.



Another great part to the evening was looking at Minling Pan’s first Private Collection Handbags which will be released in Spring 2013. I had a feeling they would be nice since I spent a good deal of time drooling over the other purses she carries but I had no idea they would be so fabulous! Minling has design an incredible line of practical and beautiful hand bags and clutches. My favourite bag is the navy blue medicine bag — and it goes with the colours I should wear! There’s also the silver sparkly clutch that you can hold and it looks like you’re wearing a ring. Oh, and the gorgeous blue clutch with the spikes, the leather is so soft! AND the gold clutch, it shines and sparkles and changes colours — all of the jewels were put on by HAND! Needless to say, I loved them all. I also loved how each of the clutches comes with a strap.

It was great to chat with Minling about her bags, “They’re my children!” she told me with a smile. “I thought, as I was making them, what would I want? What would make them practical and look good? I needed to think of that before I thought about my customers. If I wouldn’t use it, I wouldn’t sell it.”

Overall the event was awesome and I fell in love with a whole new style of clothing. Minling Pan Studio is location on Younge and Eglington — check it out!

Thank you to Minling Pan Studio, Valerie, and Chelsea for hosting a fabulous event last night. I had a great time and even purchased this little number for myself (did I mention that their accessories are amazing too??).


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