Hair trends for 2013

Hair trends is something most of don’t keep up with. Every year, there are a handful of breakthroughs in hair trends that captivate the broader audience. We sat down with the lovely and fabulous, Fay Linksman to get more information about whats big this year!

Fay Linksman is an artistic director and a hairstylist/color specialist/extension artist with over 14 years of experience servicing clients in the downtown core. She has trained extensively with Wella Professional, L’oréal Professionnel and Toni & Guy in NYC. She is also a member of the Sebastian Professional Canadian Design Team, attending regular training sessions in both Canada and the US since 2008. Fay’s belief in continous education means that she does not miss a beat in the styling demands of today’s beauty junkies and fashionistas. Her style pushes the borders of creativity by blending technical precision with artistry.



1)Ombre was a huge hair trend last year. Are you seeing this trend continue or has something else replaced it as the ‘it hair trend’?

The ombre trend is definitely here to stay for a while, though it’s a much more soft interpretation of the look now. The harsh contrasts we’ve seen in the past year really does bring to mind the term dip-dye. Dark roots contrasting to ultra blonde ends is history. This has been replaced by more subtle chocolate browns melting in to warm caramels, as the preferred ombre look this season


2)Red was a big colour in 2012, but it’s a hard hard colour to pull off . Who would you recommend red for everyone who wants it or just for certain skin tones?

While Red may have a reputation for being high maintenance, we often forget how versatile it is. Shades of red are available in a huge range of the colour spectrum, from copper to violet tones, and from warm shades to cool. Within that range, most people can find a red that will suit them. As a general rule, fairer, pinky-undertoned complexions wear shades best from the warmer spectrum of red, ranging from light strawberry to deep copper-reds. Fair to medium yellow under toned complexions will find that stronger true reds, or cool red to red-violets will make skin glow. For darker olive complexions, it is recommended to stay away from anything to coppery or light, and to pick tones of red on the darker red-violet spectrum for optimal complementation of skin tone.


3)Upkeep for bold/red hair is difficult. What are your tops tips for hair colour maintenance?

To prevent your red from running down the drain, a few simple precautions are recommended.

Firstly, when washing hair, try to wash it with cooler water. Hot water forces the cuticle layer of the hair to open more readily than cool water does, giving colour molecules an escape route out. What you wash your hair with is another factor. Most professional shampoo and conditioners are “colour safe,” meaning they will not strip colour from hair. However, there is a big difference between colour safe and colour preserve products. Colour preserve shampoos and conditioners will have different technologies that will act on the hair strand on a molecular level. During shampooing, a colour preserve product will help seal the colour molecule into the hair, preventing it from escaping, and during conditioning, it will continue to create a seal by smoothing the cuticle layer. This will also make the colour appear more vibrant. Smoother cuticles reflect shine better, therefore allowing truer colour pigments to be seen by the eye. Cutting down the frequency of shampooing is also recommended, but this can sometimes be easier said than done.

Secondly, products that contain actual colour pigments in them is a trick that I use as a fellow intense red. I like Revlon Professional Kolor Kult. It’s an intensely pigmented conditioner which comes in a range of different tones and it definitely does wonders to enhance the most faded red, but use with caution! It can cause staining if you don’t rinse it off your hands fast enough, stains face and scalp if not rinsed properly, and can bleed out of the hair when it gets wet. Towels, bathtubs and white clothing beware, but it does work better than anything I’ve seen before if you take these few precautions.

Thirdly, commitment to the shade is required. For red to be kept to its most vibrant, it needs to be maintained regularly. Redheads should be visiting the salon approximately every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimal intensity of the colour. Demi- permanent colour options are ideal for clients who are staying
the same level as they are naturally or going darker, as they do not contain ammonia and reduce the impact on the hair fibre. For clients that go lighter than their natural shade or an especially vibrant shade, I prefer to use a permanent colour on the regrowth area, and colour balance the ends with a matching demi-permanent shade. Finishing a colour service with Sebastian Cellophanes is another great way to help seal in the colour. It’s a glossing, semi-permanent non-chemical coloration service, with 3 shades of red or clear available, to enhance and seal in the colour.

4)In your expert opinion, is there a general rule to abide by when it comes to bold colours and skin tone?

Bold colours follow the same rules as red when it comes with skin tones: fair to pinkish with warm shades, fair to yellow undertones with neutral to cool, and darker olive tones with cool to darker tones. Having a consultation with a beauty professional is an important step to consider before going bright and bold. Questions about lifestyle, up-keep, and suitability are all addressed. Also, with bolder tones, sometimes more than one step is required to achieve the desired shade. A professional can safely guide your hair towards desired results the first time, without the worry of what can happen when coloration is taken into one’s own hands.

5) One of the most interesting hair trend in 2012 was pastel streaks? Will this continue or be replaced with bolder colours?

Pastel is definitely moving over to make way for bolder jewel tones in hair, just like in fashion. Emerald green and deep blues and dark electric purples are all the rage for colour blocking and highlighting techniques. These shades go best when paired with medium brown to black hair, on deep plums, or even contrasting against a bright, white blonde. Look out for eye-catching strawberry locks as well.

6) What are your favourite hair  trends for spring and summer? Are there any continuing from last year that you really like?

Last year we saw a lot of smoky tones in hair, such as lilac, mink and silver. This year those tones will still be around, but the trends are definitely moving towards richer, jewel-toned shades, just like bold denim and bright graphic prints are gracing the runways. The beauty about trends in hair is that it echoes what’s going on in fashion. Hair is your most durable accessory, you never take it off, so you should be updating it seasonally as well to compliment your overall look.

7) What do you recommend for those who want to have a little fun, but want to balance it in a corporate environment? 

Hair makeup is a great way to bring a little fun to your look when you step out of the suit. Ombre chalking, Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bug, and even eyeshadow are great ways to add a splash of wash-out colour to highlighted or lighter toned hair. The fun part is you can do it at home by yourself or with a friend, and the results will wash away. Just beware that very light blonde porous hair and wash out colour don’t mix ever. You can pretty much always expect the results to be a bit more than semi-permanent, as staining can occur.

  1. I am really digging the ombre! Celevrities like Khloe Kardashian and Rachel Bilson are still pulling off the ombre looks. I just got mine done again and I love it! I already want to go a bit lighter on my ends!


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