Hair Food

Especially in the heat of summer, hair can get brittle and dry pretty fast. Not everyone protects their hair in the summer. If you swim in chlorinated pools, or even in lakes or oceans, build up can happen weighing your hair down and making you look less than your best.

Believe it or not, many shampoos, conditioners, and hair products out there have damaging chemicals and even alcohol, which dries out the hair in the long run. Some of them coat the hair strands in a waxy finish, which does provide the desired shiny look, but unfortunately also adds a lot of buildup to your hair, making it look greasy and weighed down after a short period of time.

So we are going to explore some DIY hair treatments that you can do with food from your kitchen.

These treatments are natural, inexpensive ways to treat your hair and restore some of it’s shine and moisture.

The best part about these hair masks is that you can DIY and you can find almost all of the ingredients in your kitchen. They aren’t expensive, and you don’t have to go to the salon for a treatment to get rid of build up or make your hair more soft and hold moisture.

Have you ever used any of these in your hair? 


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