Greek Island Hopping This Summer

As the summer draws on, you may be considering a last minute holiday deal that will land you in a sunshine destination.  Greece is a great destination if you want to experience a variety of atmospheres on a daily basis and you want something slightly different than that offered by the all-inclusive last minute deals.  Be sure to bring your sea legs with you as travelling by boat from island to island is the most common mode of transport between the islands.  Its best that you give some thought to the number of islands you wish to visit, and in which order, you are going to take on the islands, just to avoid going the long way round.

Greek Islands


Situated just north of Rhodes you should head to Kos is you desire a partying destination on your trip.  Kardema offers great night life where you can experience anything from drinking challenges to restaurants.  And the island is blessed with gently shelving white sands that dip into the sea, making it a beautiful place to stroll around during a gorgeous sunny day.


A picturesque island that will be suited to the island hopper who is looking to bulk out there photo albums, as the stunningly beautiful Acropolis at Lindos is sure to amaze.  The Grade 1 archaeological site at the Temple of Athena offers sensational views.  Something else unique about this island is the only method of transport that is allowed, you’ll have to travel to the Temple by donkey.


Situated just to the East of the mainland this beautiful island will launch you into a wilderness of golden beaches, pretty postcard towns and hilltop monasteries.  Boat trips around the gorgeous coast line are thoroughly rewarding or you can do it yourself in a canoe or kayak.  The boat trip operators know all the best parts of the coast and you’ll be indulged with stunning views, caves and cliffs, as well as the marine wildlife.  Don’t be too surprised if you are encouraged to take a dip in to the beautiful turquoise waters along the way too.


Not the easiest island to hop over to as it is located on the very west of Greece, some distance from Rhodes and Kos.  It may be a good idea to include the islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia whilst en-route to Corfu, they are equally stunning stop over points.  Corfu others variety and can cater for tastes of people looking for the party or for those seeking some peace and rejuvenation.  Aghios Georgis is classed as one of the best beaches on the island; it has a reputation for being quiet if you are looking to recover from previous partying activities.  If you prefer a lively evening then the town of Kavos is a great place for you to let your hair down.

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