{Giveaway} Nexus 4 and $50 Gift Cards to Sephora and Holt Renfrew

You may not know this, but I worked in the telecommunications industry for 10 years. That naturally makes me a huge hardware nerd. Phones and I get along really well and I have 2-3 different devices on me at any given time.  What this means for you is that we couldn’t think of anything better to give away than gift certificates to our favorite beauty and fashion stores along with a device that I’ve been in love with.


Enough with the suspense!


Here’s what we’re giving away! A HUGE thanks to our friends at Telus!

LG Nexus 4

(1) One Nexus 4

(1) $50 Gift Card to Sephora

(1) $50 Gift Card to Holt Renfrew




First released a few months ago to Google Play users, you may have already heard how much of a powerhouse this little device is; with its high-resolution display, intuitive voice command and one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market (and who doesn’t need a little more battery time these days?), the Nexus 4 creates a user experience that is second to none. What are two of the most exciting things that the Nexus 4 brings to the table?

Lg Nexus 4 giveaway

·         Android 4.2 at your fingertips: Using the latest, fastest version of Google’s mobile operating system on the market, the Nexus 4 boasts the best-on-earth Google apps that get you the right information at just the right time.

·         No three-year contract: That’s right – the Nexus 4 is available on TELUS’ new two-year rate plan. Not only does a two-year plan make the Nexus 4 more affordable for TELUS customers, it also provides unmatched flexibility to upgrade to a newer device sooner!

.         8 MP Camera and 1080p HD recording: I love the camera on this. It takes great shots, but more importantly, take great VIDEOS. Think Fashion Week with video, and not just fuzzy pics.

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  1. My @myblocktyler highlight of the past year was and is working alongside Val Dooley @PartiesWorld with Parties Without Borders and accepting the role as Toronto Correspondent of Queer Events for OutlookTV.ca @Outlook_TV I could SOOO use this phone to capture footage of events, especially the month of June which is a hot month with all of the events leading up to the Toronto Gay Pride Celebration! I LOVE YOU ChicDarling! Just Call Me GORGEOUS! @CMGevent http://www.linkedin.com/in/callmegorgeous

  2. Highlights from the past year? My daughter graduating from college and a new grandbaby!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  3. I think my highlights of the last year were getting to do some travelling overseas. Destinations included Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Japan!

  4. What a fabulous giveaway! Highlights from last year: my sisters wedding, major surgery for endometriosis that calmed it down, hosting a get-together for close girl friend’s and sisters, hosting Christmas Eve dinner for my in-laws and family, and getting our home renos organized for this year. Thank you for the chance to win a g/c to Sephora (I love this store!) and Holt Renfrew (dreamy store) and an awesome new Nexus 4.

    @plumerea Twitter fan

  5. Highlights of the last year were: a good friend’s wedding, a friend giving birth & an amazing trip to Tokyo.

  6. highlights of my year were adventuring in san fran, this coming getaway to the okanagan, and australia before the end of summer.

  7. Became a Godmother. Got promoted. Got a raise. I think those were great highlights. Looking forward for what’s in store for me this year

  8. My highlights of last year were my son turning 1 and my daughter turning 6. Also, my daughter started competitive dance!! 🙂

  9. Graduating university, travelling to Alaska, road trip to Yellowstone, Denver, Michigan, and being a bridesmaid

  10. My highlights of this year have been gaining a new member of our family…furry, friendly and the best puppy ever and my next highlight was maintaining a gratitude journal…..winning this bundle of fab prizes would be over-the-top wonderful!

  11. Getting to see my family who lives 1200 miles away from me, enjoying the West Coast fishing experience and realizing that you need to make yourself happy – not have others do it for you. Always think positive!

  12. My highlight of the past year: Birth of granddaughter ( first child of my youngest) and the birth of my first great grandchild (first grandchild of my oldest).

  13. My highlights from last year definitely include attending my very first concert (Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol), and then attending over a dozen more (One Direction, The Maine, Ed Sheeran, Cody Simpson, The Wanted etc.). It was definitely the year I became a concert addict.

  14. I’d love to get my hands on that phone. I really want something I can unlock and take to the US with me.

    The GC’s would likely go to my mom. Lord knows that woman never treats herself.

  15. Last year’s highlight was my hubby surviving a challenging illness and coming out much healthier on the other side! Our health really rocks!

  16. My highlights of the last year include adopting and using the Android OS platform regularly: I love smartphones and this one blows the other Android devices I’ve had or have right out of the water! : )

  17. My highlight of the last year was finally starting and registering my wedding photography business. Thanks for the contest 🙂

  18. The highlights of my year were starting the adoption process, and finishing our homestudy, and now looking for kiddos 😀

  19. Congrats on 1 year!!

    Last year for the first time I ever I became financially independent and got a hold on my debt. Hurray!!

  20. What my highlights of the last year were — Well, for one, spring is here and I feel liberated from the cold. I don’t have to wear heavy winter attire and the sun on my face makes my skin look better.

  21. My highlight from this past year is that my son finally got his marriage visa and was able to go and live with his wife of 1 year England.

  22. My highlight of last year was to move my uncle from Duncan to Nanaimo, so now we can see him more often, thank you:)

  23. My highlight last year was getting more and more recognize as a blogger and get invited to more and more events 🙂

  24. my highlights in 2012 were getting preggers with baby #2, celebrating my toddlers 2nd birthday and becoming a lot closer with friends and family

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