{Giveaway} Kiss Hair Tools

At BlogHer13, we were lucky enough to get to meet the people behind the brand Kiss. You may know Kiss as the company that brings you amazing nail art, but they are more than that. They were gracious enough to give us a Tornado 360 1875W Ionic Blowdryer, a Silicone Styler Flat Iron, and a Silicon protection mat.


Tornado Blowdryer

We are super impressed with this blowdryer. It’s unique attachment (“booster”) ensures that your hair is evenly dried, and dries an area four times the size of a traditional blow dryer. Because of this, it greatly reduces spot damage, because the dryer is evenly distributed.


Silicone Flat Iron

This product is unique because instead of your traditional flat iron plates, this one has a strip of silicone on each plate, to both retain moisture and reduce heat damage that other flat irons can create.

We love it’s slightly rounded edge, making it easy to make pretty flat iron curls.

They included a silicon protection mat to ensure that our counter tops didn’t get damaged by hot hair tools.

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Kiss has offered to give away three sets of all three products to three lucky readers of Chic Darling!

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  1. Would totally use it to straighten my hair for work inthe mornings! Mine just broke the other day and I really miss it! Would love to use it to make some loose curls as well!

  2. I use a flat iron almost daily. Just plug it in and away to go…Its not a good brand one of one that heats up quick so it tends to burn and tear a lil bit. But hey i am use to it now. It does the job!

  3. My flat iron is my BEST FRIEND! I have naturally curly hair and straighten my hair EVERY-SINGLE-DAY! From GHD, to Babyliss to CHI – I have tried ALMOST every flat iron! I’m anxious to *possibly* try this new tool! (And that blow dryer looks AMAZING!)

  4. I get my hair straightened at the hair dresser cuz I have such curly hair. I will do it myself if I win this great product

  5. When I go to bed with my hair slightly wet, it’s a crapshoot how it’ll look in the morning. Sometimes it’s fine, other times my hair is sticking out in a dozen different directions. This is when I use a flat iron.

  6. I use a flat iron everytime after I wash my hair, although it is getting pretty old and dosent work very well anymore lol so I sneak into my daughters room and use hers lol she uses one at least once a day

  7. I use my flat iron to try and create waves/slight curls in my hair… although my hair doesn’t cooperate too often 😛

  8. Since I live in Louisiana and the humidity is fierce…I like to flat-iron during the more cooler months. But even if I’m not going out I love to flat-iron to see how much my hair has grown.

  9. I used to have long flowing hair in the great love in days of college, but now I leave the flowing hair to the wife and daughter. This is a wonderful prize for them and I can watch how this will make their hair in a style I am sure to love.

  10. I like to use my flat iron to straighten my hair. I start from the top and slowly, but not too slowly, I slide the tool down. I make sure my hair isn’t tangled. I use hair protector, focusing more on my ends, because that’s where I’ll be straightening it more.

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