Gift Guide: For the Man in Your Life

Shopping for the special man in your life is a lot harder than most people think. Yes, video games, and game consoles are the go to gifts, but what if your guy isn’t a gamer, or better, he already own everything that he wants to won when it comes to games ( we know that they get the ones they want right away).

I like to think about gifting occasions as a chance to get them things that I really want to replace, or a way to start a new hobby or collection. For example, I know my brother wouldn’t go and buy a designer wallet for himself, as the one that he owns “works fine”, but getting him one that helps him enter the adult world isn’t something that he would say no to. Same goes for a weekender bag- I know that trying to talk  my best friend into buying something that’s not a backpack is out of the question so I know that I can get him one as a gift and he will use it.

We pulled together a list that have something for almost every personality.

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