Gift Guide: Everything Danier

So it’s that time of the year where we scramble for gift ideas, and start spending hours looking for the perfect gifT that will light up that special person’s face. No one really enjoys going from store to store in a really packed mall, or spending days staring at different websites trying to imagine what the texture or size of the product is by just looking at at the picture.

Well, what if you could get all of your shopping done in one store? How amazing would that be? One of our favorite places to shop is Danier Leather, and their 2013 Holiday Gift Guide has you covered. You can and will find something for every single person on your list.

Think of what you can do with all of your free time!



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A.  $79/ B.  $449/C. $349/D.  $149/E.   $39/F.   $69/G.  $299/H.  $79/I.  $39/J.   $149/K.   $129/L.  $199/M.  $59/N.   $149/O.  $69/P.   $25/Q.   $299/R.   $199/S.    $149/T.   $349/U.  $59/V.  $25/W.  $35/X.   $39/Y.   $59/Z.   $129

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