Gift Giving Made Easy With Giftagram

Maybe it’s just me, but showing people that you appreciate them is just something that we all need to do more often. I, personally, tend to take friends out to dinner and drinks or for spa dates, or depending on the person, have them over and make dinner for them.

And if I don’t have the capacity for in-person dates, or am not around in person, I opt for thank you and cards and presents and just drop them off as they go a long way in showing my appreciation as well.


But, what happens if I’m on the road, or worse yet, just too tired to change out of my pajamas on my days off  and leave my house to hunt down something cute for that special person? (Those of us who spend the majority of your time on the road can appreciate a good pajama day when we get them.) What about stamps and stationary? While sending handwritten notes will always be my first choice, finding the perfect stationery, and and my book of stamps get me every time.

Well, that’s when we opt for the next best thing- online shopping! But not just any kind of online shopping- this is the kind that’s just designed to make gift giving that much easier. Being the big believer in the art of thank you gifts or even little perks for my friends, I look for, and get excited about, anything that I can do on the road with ease.


What is this magical tool that I use?

It’s called Giftagram! 

And I am in love with it.


The cool thing about Giftagram is not just their catalog of great things, but it’s also the fact that it makes my life so much easier. I don’t have to send that awkward text or email asking for someone’s address.  After finding the perfect gift, I just enter their phone number or email address and they get a notification to fill in their information.

How simple is that.


I’ve been using the service like crazy for a few work clients the last few weeks, and it’s cut my workload by a quite a bit. I also fell in love with the idea that I can treat my team for a job well done with 3 swipes on my phone.


What kind of things can I find on the platform?

Everything cute- by that I mean, flowers, jewelry, Dillon’s gin and tonic kit, tech gadgets, gourmet experiences such as The Carnivore Club Giftbox, and all things sugary (my favorite)  from Desmond and Beatrice Cupcakes, and even a Vitamix 750 Professional Blender. I can search by category or by price point, and have not found myself in a situation where I didn’t find the perfect gift.


Do you want to try it out yourself?  WANT A $10 CREDIT? USE Chicdarling after you download the app.



This post is created in partnership with Giftagram, but the love for the app is all mine! 




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