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Have you wandered around an unknown city and wished that you have a local with you telling you all about that neighbourhoods, and pointing out all the cool spots along the way? I do. Sadly, one of the downsides of traveling for work is that you don’t get the chance to meet people or plan sight-seeing trips. You just wander around town hoping to land somewhere cool.

Well meet SPUN. It not only curates your environment based on your interests, but also becomes your local guide. Its like having your own tour guide in your pocket.



SPUN is the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of your city. It’s a constantly updated urban guide, insider tip sheet, and local news on steroids. Food, Fashion, Music, and more: Follow the things you love in the places you care about. It curates the best stories from hundreds of news and lifestyle sources and spin them into the world for your delight. SPUN is the friend who always knows the scoop on the stories in your city that everyone is talking about, including tasty new restaurants, fashion boutiques, and concerts. SPUN lets you know where it’s all happening; it will remind you when the show’s about to start, and alert you if you wander by a place you want to check out.

SPUN is currently live in  New York, Boston, Philly, DC, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, and Seattle.

It is currently only available on IPhone.

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