There is something magical about having a tan. Your skin looks better, you look skinnier, and your clothes tend to fit better (or so we like to think). But with summer  pretty much over (not that we had much of one to begin with), and we’re desperately trying to hold on to our tan from the few warm days that we did have a little longer. We know you’re in the same position.





So how can we help? 

Well have an amazing giveaway lined up for you!

We want to send you to experience the St. Tropez Tan Application at Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie.

What is it:

It’s a 60 minute treatment( $150 value) to help you hold on your tan a bit longer!

Everyday Group

How does it work: 

After a thorough exfoliation, the aloevera based tanning lotion is gently applied to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin for a healthy, sunkissed glow.


Enter below!

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Transportation to and from the Spa not provided*

  1. Oh god, I love a good massage…but a facial is nice too! Could use some help on the tanning front, I’ve been curious to try St. Tropez but I’m hesitant to do it myself on the first go!

  2. Yeah for sure a massage is one of those things that you feel amazing always after. A pedicure would be a close second.

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