Why Fit is Important: Dressing for Any Size

In a world where it seems like fashion designers only have eyes for the skinniest models, it’s hard for plus size women to feel like they fit in. However, just because you’re plus size doesn’t mean being fashionable is impossible. Keep reading for fashion tips just for plus size women.


Find the Perfect Fit

Clothing that is too small looks tight and will exaggerate any areas you feel uncomfortable about. However, clothing that’s too big doesn’t hide your body, it just makes you look larger than you actually are.

Rather than trying to drown your curves in extra fabric, or squeeze them into submission, look for clothing that fits comfortably and shows off your curves. As Whitney Thompson, the first plus size winner of America’s Next Top Model so elegantly put it, “If you are annoyed that you are a size 16 or 18, go home and cut out the tags and never think about it again.”

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Invest in Good Undergarments

Even though you might not give much thought to your bras, investing in a good bra that fits correctly can make a huge difference in your wardrobe. Yet, an amazing 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. Unfortunately, an ill-fitting bra can add an extra 10 pounds to your look, while a smooth bra can make any outfit appear better.

The band, which offers almost all the support in the bra, shouldn’t ride up your back. If it does, your bra is too big. Plus, if you’re spilling out of your bra, then your cup size is too small. Finally, if the straps leave grooves in your shoulders, you should loosen them. All women should have a sports bra, a strapless bra, a seamless bra, and a bra that makes them feel extra sexy.

Many stores will measure you and tell you your correct bra size for free.


Don’t Worry About Horizontal Stripes

For years, the fashion rules stated that plus size women should wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes. The idea behind that thinking was that vertical stripes would make the eye think the body is longer, while horizontal stripes make the body look wider.

However, Dr. Peter Thompson from the University of York has actually busted this fashion myth. In his study, even when participants were shown a picture of two women who were the same size, they said the one wearing horizontal stripes looked thinner. However, certain stripes do a better job than others. Narrow stripes on fitted clothing work best. Plus, try to find striped clothing where the darkest color is the most dominant one.

Bring the Attention to Your Face

The right haircut and makeup can bring all eyes up to your beautiful face. Hair stylists recommend that plus size women wear their hair long with soft layers to highlight bone structure, and add extra volume for full waves to flatter their figure.

When it comes to makeup, cosmetologists say that playing up the eyes can make the face seem more slender. Plus, a little bronzer along the jaw line can add definition. Finally, on the lips, stick with lipsticks that are close to your natural lip color. Dark colors are very hard to pull off, and you risk actually making your lips look thinner when you use them.

Forget an All Black Wardrobe

While it’s been drilled into consumer heads that black is slimming, that doesn’t mean we have to wear all black clothes all the time. Color and prints are fun in any wardrobe, and any woman can wear them. The next time you go shopping, pick out some pants in your favorite color, or grab a shirt with a print you absolutely love.

Feeling confident and comfortable in your clothes can hide any areas on your body that you don’t feel great about just as well as black clothing can. If you’re not completely comfortable with jumping into bold colors right away, colorful accessories will also add life to a black ensemble. Bright shoes, purses, and jewelry from shops like Simply Be can pull a whole outfit together.

The next time you go shopping, keep these fashion tips in mind so you can show off your style and confidence.


Image c/o Dove Canada

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