Fashion over style: How to clean up your closet

What with constant sales, online discounts and free deliveries, many of us are guilty of a cluttered closet full of clothes we don’t wear. Most of us have a few basic wardrobe staples that we mix and match, but there are plenty of neon pink bandeau tops and bejewelled t-shirts lurking in those dark spaces.


What to clear out

Anything – and I mean anything – that has not seen the light of day in the past six months. It is vital at this point to be ruthless.Yes, you might claim that t-shirt is seasonal, but your best items will get worn no matter what the season – you’ll wear a t-shirt in the winter; just covered with a jumper or cardigan. Also get rid of anything that you wouldn’t want to wear on a date. That’ll quickly help make your mind up about what suits you and what doesn’t.

As you survey your wardrobe, make notes as you go along to help you decide what clothes to keep and what you really should get rid of.


Good wardrobe basics

There are some items that stand the test of time. While you’re getting rid of the junk, it’s important to take stock of the items everyone really needs. Whether it’s for work, meeting friends or partying the night away, there are some staples that are always in style, such as the following.


No. 1: The perfect jeans

The perfect pair of jeans is any pair that makes you look and feel good. If and when you find this elusive pair, hang on to them for life! Well fitted jeans that lengthen and flatter are possible to find, but with a multitude of shapes and colours to choose from, many of us are lost in a sea of denim.


No. 2: The hard-working blazer

A good blazer is one that looks sharp over a blouse, but equally cool and chic over a casual t-shirt. This all-rounder is relatively easy to find now that blazers have become so in vogue once again. Whether you choose patterned cotton or a more hard-wearing fabric, ensure you are comfortable and that you can roll up the sleeves easily when you move from business to casual. Once you find the one you like – keep it safe and discard all others not worthy of your attention, especially that sparkly knitted one you bought two years ago in the sales for $5.


Source: via Toyas Tales on Pinterest


No. 3: The all-purpose camisole

Ah, the cami. Perfect for hotter days at the office or on its own tucked into a skirt or worn loose over jeans in the summer. It is also adaptable to being layered under cardigans and jumpers when it turns chilly – the camisole has it all. When you find one that sits just perfectly at the hips with an all-purpose neckline – grab it! A variety of colours will see you through any situation, and you can get rid of all those tank tops and vests you’ve kept for so long.


No. 4: The little black dress

The LBD has long been a staple of every sophisticated woman’s wardrobe. Perfect for dressing up or down, this item never goes out of fashion. It’s up to you how little you want your dress to be, but a good rule of thumb is to not go too far over the knee so your dress will suit any occasion. Keep the neckline modest but open to accessories, and you’re good to go! Forget your bodycon dresses – the LBD is the ultimate fashion choice.

Now that you know what to keep and what to get rid of – where are you going to put all these unwanted clothes? Music Magpie is an excellent choice for selling unwanted items, and they take much more than your old CDs. With the money you’ll receive in return, you can go hunting for some more staples to add to your now spacious closet.


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