Fall Reading: Spirits of New Orleans

Spirits of New OrleansAs summer winds itself down,  we’re already planning our fall reading list. In the spirit of the season that is home to Halloween, this past week we were reading Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends, and Cities of the Dead. If you only read one book about the supernatural this fall, make it this one.

Spirits of New Orleans is written by Kala Ambrose, who was born in Louisiana and has been in contact with spirits all her life. Ambrose takes hold of readers from the first page, blending history and legend together seamlessly as she leads them through the plentiful spiritual landscape that is New Orleans. Ambrose weaves tales of love, despair, war, and voodoo around her own supernatural encounters in the city. Including the kind male ghost who rides the St. Charles streetcar and the heartbroken Octoroon mistress who appears to startled guests, Ambrose showcases dozens of spirits whose stories have been told for generations.

Our only warning is that if you’ve never been to New Orleans, you will be resisting the urge to book a flight to the Big Easy for days after turning the final page. Even the most extreme skeptic will appreciate the history behind many of the ghostly encounters Ambrose has chronicled. For those with the travel bug, Ambrose adds many inside tips regarding restaurants, connecting with spirits, and recommending more places to see to enrich your trip.

Spirits of New Orleans will be released on September 11th, and is available for pre-order through Amazon.

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