The Most Exciting Travel Jobs and How to Get Them

Working in the travel industry is exciting, especially if you love to discover new places, people and their culture. So what are the most exciting travel jobs? The following results might surprise you.


Travel Media Specialist

There is a host of careers that deal with travel. Travel writers, photographers, and videographers are key players in the rapidly expanding travel career field. Most need at least a bachelor’s degree in their field. A perk for freelance writers is that they can write about anything from anywhere they have an internet connection. Photographers can work for companies or as freelancers too. The best thing about these careers is that you get first-hand experience working in incredible environments, or with people from other cultures.

International Business Leaders

The global market requires that some business professionals and CEO’s are also travel experts. The basic degree is usually a B.A. in international studies but an MBA is more common especially for CEOs and leadership positions. There are executives who work in a travel related field or who must travel for business who are obtaining an online MBA. The advanced degree helps business leaders open up new markets and deal with international regulations. Having and MBA makes it easier to deal with ISO certification, which is a boon to building business. Perk include international travel and business opportunities in niche markets such as ecotourism.

Travel Healthcare Workers

Travel nurses and travel doctors are pretty common in highly developed countries. The basic degree is an RN license for nurses or an MD for doctors. The opportunity also exists for specialized medical technicians such as X-Ray technicians, therapists, and more. The perks are often higher paying salaries and the chance to travel the world. For specialized nurses and doctors, such as those who work in organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, the perk is giving and providing healthcare to people who cannot afford to pay. The reward is changing lives.

Changing Lives

The Peace Corps offers people an exciting opportunity to volunteer abroad. The best thing is that no experience is necessary, but they do love people with degrees. The application to become a Peace Corps Volunteer is daunting, but no more so than most wonderful opportunities.

Geologist and Mineralogist

As the world continues to use resources, geologists and mineralogists become needed to investigate Earth’s sites to discover new resources or to help manage them. The current focus is on undersea mining and the future for this type of career may lead to job opportunities in space. Most astronomers believe that the moon holds vast quantities of minerals as do some asteroids and planets such as Mars. Educational requirements start with a Bachelor degree, but those with an MBA manage teams of geologists. Geologiests and Mineralogists travel the world looking for resources.

These are just a handful of the most exciting jobs that deal with travel. The world has a lot to offer travelers and those who travel for work get to explore exciting places while meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Would a better degree help you travel the world?

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