Eurotrip with Mogo

We’re travel lovers. It’s the one thing we ask Santa for everywhere, and something that we take very seriously, and this year is no different. We’ve had the pleasure of being in Europe the last 2 years, and really working hard towards making that a yearly trend. We’re lucky because most of our team is location independent so we can work from pretty much anywhere- and there’s no reason that we can’t be sitting in a cafe in Morocco instead of shovelling meters and meters of snow.

That said, we’re excited to partner and MogoCard to not only work while we’re away, but also not use our credit cards and rack up any debt (and no one wants to deal with those scary credit card statements after being away). There are many reasons why we’re excited about this card; the 40 cute designs, no fees, access to cool Mogo Perks, the fact that we can use it anywhere Visa is accepted, or having access to our balance at anytime via text, but most importantly, it stops us from dumping random charges on my credit card without thinking only to be surprised later. While most people really like using cash on vacation, but nothing more us more uneasy then using my credit card or carrying large amounts of cash.


While heading to Europe in February might not be the most ideal situation (try packing a winter jacket not knowing if you’ll need it), we are excited to work with Eurail to explore parts of Europe that we haven’t been to before. The beauty of Eurail’s Global Pass is that we can use it in 28 countries, making it easier for us to plan as we go.

Our itinerary includes the following countries:

Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy (hello Amalfi Coast!), Greece, Romania, Croatia, UK and our beloved Turkey again! We’ll be in large cities, and small hidden towns and everything in between.



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