New Frames from Etnia Barcelona: Everything Gold and Platinum

Our love for everything gold makes us really excited when we see one of our favorite brands embrace it.  Independent Spanish optical brand Etnia Barcelona has launched an exclusive new Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collection. The limited edition range of metal frames is produced using different techniques with new, innovative materials.
Yokohama Gold and Platinum
The collection includes the debut of the exclusive Yokohama Gold and Platinum styles, made from precious metals. As the name suggests, the “Yokohama” style is inspired by the aesthetics of Japan’s second largest city. With a rounded design and a certain vintage air, the new model features Asian-inspired lines. Always innovative and painstaking in producing its quality designs, Etnia Barcelona has created a unique treasure befitting the name of the once-small Japanese port city.
Yokohama Gold and Platinum
This super-light style is available in two different metal finishes: gold and platinum. Manufactured using a mixture of metal and acetate, this made-to-order, limited edition style mixes precious materials with 100 per cent eco-friendly, natural acetate. Glasses retail for $245.
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