Equinox Launches in Toronto

When is a fitness centre not a fitness centre? When it can be transformed into a million other things.  Last wednesday, the 35,000 square foot venue transformed into a night club hosting the cities key VIP members and media. The evening guided by the fantastic DJ Brendan Fallis.

But being shape shifted into a night club is just of the things Equinox 199 Bay Street is good at. The members only club blends together the perfect combination of health, fitness, and lifestyle, creating one of the most of the most upscale experiences in the country. No wonder so many celebrities are fans.

Equinox prides itself of having of the best trainers in the country, and that, combined with the great location, and the fantastic amenities such as the Juice bar, and the sauna, means that its the perfect to head to when you want to look and feel great this summer.


Oh, and yes- you can shop inside the fitness centre.


Equinox Bar Equinox Space Equinox Shop
Equinox Strength Training



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