Emerald Green: How to Wear It

Well, it’s official. Emerald green has been named the official color of 2013. If you’re a Wizard of Oz fan, then I think 2013 will be your year. But all joking aside, emerald green is a gorgeous color, but also quite a difficult color to fit into a wardrobe subtly because it is such a standout color. It grabs people’s attention. It’s an eye-catching hue. I have reddish hair, so I try to avoid colors such as emerald because I want to avoid looking like a leprechaun at all costs. After a little research and friendly conversation, I discovered that there is in fact a way to incorporate this year’s most fabulous color without going overboard. Check out these three looks we put together to make everyone green with envy of your style! (Sorry, terrible pun, but I had to.)

Are you planning on adding Emerald Green to your wardrobe this season? Are you looking for ways to wear it in a subtle way? Here are our suggestions:

Night Out With Your Girlfriends:

How to Wear Emerald Green


Outdoor Concert in the Spring:

Casual Ways to wear emerald green


Going for Coffee On a Sunday Afternoon:

Ways to Wear Emerald Green


Tell us, which look is your favorite?

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