Election Read: The President’s Club

The President’s Club book reviewAlthough American political coverage is already getting a bit old, people are never quite as fascinated with the job of President of the United States as they are during an election. This week we indulged our inner politics nerds by curling up with this years The Presidents Club, which was written by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy.

This fascinating book explores the complex friendships (or lack thereof) between the few people who understand the pressures of leading the United States. From the unlikely friendship between Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman to Lyndon B. Johnson’s abrupt promotion after Kennedy’s death to Barack Obama’s inauguration, this book sheds new light on the most exclusive club on Earth. It details the fights between Presidents, accounts of their friendships, and showcases how former Presidents often give advice and support to the current http://www.eta-i.org/xanax.html Commander in Chief, regardless of whether they are red or blue politicians. For example, Clinton is like family to his predecessor George H.W. Bush, and he was also very close with Richard Nixon before his death.

 The Presidents Club can be slightly slow to get through at times, but the chapters are written in such a way that it’s easy to jump from chapter to chapter, reading whichever parts you want. At any rate, it is impossible for the reader to come away from this book without having learned something mindblowing about this line of influential men. Those interested in either politics or history will find this book an enlightening read chronicling one of the most elusive stories in history- and more importantly, it portrays these men as people rather than politicians.

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