Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas With Starbucks Canada ( + 2 $50 Giftcard Giveaway)

I love getting and receiving giftcards. In fact, I normally ask for giftcards to my favorite stores whenever someone asks me what I want for a birthday or Christmas. I’m all about making things easy.

My top pick every year is getting giftcards from Starbucks. I spend way too much time there (to the point where I feel like they might ask me to start paying rent), and the giftcards are easy to load on to my My Starbucks Rewards account. Psst: members get a ton of free perks, like free drinks and food and they can enter contests like Starbucks For Life.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

I get that some people are not always sold on the idea of just giving a giftcard because it feels like there wasn’t a ton of effort or creativity involved. So, in order to make your life a little more festive, and sparkly, I’ve gone ahead and created a simple a DIY to house your lovely giftcard.


Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Frames
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glitter twigs
  • Giftcards (obviously!)
  • Construction paper
  • Sissors

I went with gold and hot pink because I’m a sucker for those two colours together.

This is pretty easy to do, and allows you to take creative licence based on the person that you’re giving the present to. I went smaller frames but you can go with something bigger if you’d like.


I also picked up multiple kinds of giftcards as they have a ton of options and I couldn’t’ help myself.  This year, Starbucks gift cards have more than 48 designs. Finding the right card doesn’t get any easier than that.

My favourite is the one below!


The beauty of this card is that you can actually use it as an ornament on it’s own.



This is probably the easiest thing to do. It only has 5 steps.


  1. Cut the black construction page to size (use the stock image that comes in the frame  as a guide).
  2. Use double sided tape (or regular tape folded) to hold the giftcard in place.
  3. Place the card and the construction paper in the frame.
  4. Wrap the glitter twigs around the frame
  5. Use hot glue gun to secure the twigs in place.


The beauty of this is that not only they get a present that they will use, but they will also be able to use the frames, too!



Here’s the good news!

We’re giving away these frames with $50 giftcards in each. All you have to do is enter below!


2 $50 Starbucks Givecards


Congrats, Jaime and Sarah!! Check your mail soon!!

This post was in partnership with Starbucks Canada, but all the love is ours!





  1. What a lovely idea! I admire such creativity. I have had such a hard time choosing from the wonderful gift card designs at Starbucks this year!

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