Earth Day Picks ( Pureology and Second Denim)

Have you changed your buying decions recently? Consumers have recognized that they can make a strong case for sustainable goods and services by voting with their wallets. There is an obvious mental shift towards the need for more sustainable products in the market place.

Here are 2 of our favorite products taking steps in the right direction.

Second Denim  (Green Jeans)

Second Denim is a Canadian company that great, comfortable yoga pants. They are taking steps to ensure that their carbon footprint is reduced.

Second Denim

Here are some great facts:

  • Over 90% of fabric is used in the finished product – the remainder is recycled.
  • Second uses certified organic cotton whenever possible.
  • Washing formulas have a minimum liquid ratio therefore water consumption is 50% less than our competitors.
  • Second only uses natural enzymes and biodegradable wash agents in washing formulas instead of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
  • No overseas importing. Production is 100% local thanks to our factory that Second owns and operates in Saint-Georges de Beauce, Quebec therefore our carbon footprint is dramatically reduced
  • Second’s factory uses energy efficient machinery and lighting.
  • Each garment is individually handcrafted to guarantee that only the most environmentally friendly production processes are upheld.


Preserve What Matters. Shampoo and Condition with a Cause: Pureology Limited Edition Hydrate to Benefit Green Cross International

You already know my love for Pureology as I sang its praises last week. Well, this April, Pureology has released Limited Edition Hydrate Shampoo and Condition to benefit Green Cross International as part of the Save Water. Give Water. campaign. For a limited time these critically acclaimed products for colour treated hair will be available in unique packaging featuring hand drawings by children in Ghana. With each purchase of Shampoo or Condition $1.30 per bottle will be donated to Green Cross International (GCI).

Pureology Hydrate Hair Care

Why Water?

  • There is a worldwide water crisis. Approximately 800 million people lack access to clean drinking water
  •  Nearly 40% of people in Ghana are without safe water to drink. In many instances, women and children walk over an hour to retrieve water from unclean sources.

Pureology donations to Green Cross International go to the Smart Water for Green Schools program, which provides clean water and sanitation, and generates a renewed sense of life in local communities. As a result of donations from Pureology, school attendance among girls has increased 46% and local citizens have easy access to clean water. The vibrant artwork on Limited Edition packaging is a compilation of drawings by school children at the Makango School in Northern Ghana, one of the schools receiving the Green Cross International donations.

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