Dubai: All the Luxuries of Home (But Better)

Dubai is on everyone’s list. I mean everyone’s! Its location in the middle of the desert gives it that heat that us Canadian crave. The beautiful thing about Dubai is that even though you’re in the Middle East you sometimes forget that part because it has become the global city and business hub that we all know today.


What is most astounding about Dubai is that you can find almost anything that you want there. And why wouldn’t you be able to- it is one of the richest cities in the world after all. The city not only has the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, but has managed to turn that building into its very own eco-system with businesses, residences, and a spot for all the tourists who can’t afford to live there but still want a glimpse of that view.


The high influx of tourist visiting Dubai  would be why many of the world’s best brands are opting to open up stores in the world’s biggest mall. I mean why wouldn’t they? The Dubai Mall- a giant playland for all shopaholics boasts over 1200 stores, and includes the likes of everything from Bloomingdale’s to Dior and Fendi, you can find every possible luxury retailer there, including our favorite, the newly opened Le Chateau.

Le Chateau’s presence in The Dubai Mall is one of the best partnerships we’ve seen in recent years. They are a luxurious brand in that just fits within the luxurious city that is Dubai. Everything from the lighting, to the location, to the display screams attention to detail. As fitting as it was to see Le Chateau shining brightly (like a diamond) what felt better was knowing that it was just like home. They don’t need to put on airs to try to impress the high-end shopper in Dubai because they are an high-end retailer already.


The other surprising part of traveling 20 hours to Dubai, is seeing that everything you have available to you at home is also available in The Dubai Mall. Our entire wardrobe came from Le Chateau, and kept in consideration the country’s modest views on dressing and covering up.





At the end of the day, people shopping in the world’s biggest, and most luxurious mall are looking for the same thing that we’re  looking for at home. While that really helps ease FOMO, but we’re still happy to have taken the trip with Turkish Airlines to experience that first hand. Seriously, travelling a full day on one of the most comfortable flights ever, and seeing the comforts of home like Le Chateau makes all worthwhile.



So if you’re thinking about making the trek all the way to Dubai, and are not sure if you’re going to feel comfortable there, note that not only are there desert tours at night, camel riding, The Palm Atlantis, but along with the world’s tallest building comes the holy grail of malls only a few steps away. Be sure to bring your credit card, and lots of sunscreen- if you happen to make it outside the mall.

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