DIY Jewelry Organizer

DIY1 DIY jewelry organizer

Last week I took things into my own hands and decided to create my own jewelry organizer. The final result is the perfect mix of practical and decorative!

You will need:
-A poster frame (or any other kind of old frame, large enough to fit all your jewelry)
-Cork paper
-A decorative fabric or paper (find a print that fits your personal style)
-Small nails or thumb tacks
-Hot glue gun and glue stick

Take the glass out of the frame and only leave in the cardboard paper. Glue the cork paper onto the inside of the frame until it is covered completely. Take your fabric or paper and cover the entire cork surface with it, and glue it together.

Take your ribbon and use it to add an additional layer of cool decoration to your board. Remember this is your jewelry organizer, so try to add a personal touch!

Now add the nails or strong thumb tacks to your board, leaving enough space between in order for your jewelry to hang nicely.

Hang the frame on a wall in your room, add your jewelry and voila! Your very own DIY jewelry organizer!

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