If you love to travel you’ve probably heard of Jenni Berg or are following her on Twitter. I’ve been in touch with her a few times and am always blown away by her professional demeanour, her passion in answering every one of my questions, and her friendly email conversation. Jenni is a world traveler who just happens to be the Sales Manager for Contiki Holiday’s — tours for 18-35 year-olds who are ready for adventure. Her motto, as well as, the motto for Contiki Tours is NO REGRETS, that’s why she is our Darling of the Week. 


Jenni BergJenni Berg

What does a day in the life of a Sales Manager look like? 

Every single day is different which keeps the job interesting! As the sales manager for the GTA, and Eastern/Northern Ontario, I am always looking for new opportunities to showcase Contiki Holidays and promote our travel products. I work very closely with travel agencies to promote and sell Contiki to their clients. Occasionally, I will speak to college & university classes; it’s great to see the excitement in the students’ faces as they prepare to embark on a career in Travel & Tourism.

Tell us a bit about Contiki Holidays and why you love working there: Contiki Holidays is all about connecting young people (18-35’s) to the time of their lives. Every day I am inspired by those who I work with, and by our amazing Contiki travellers. Travelling the world with Contiki has enabled me to experience a life of adventure and so many different cultures around the globe. Being able to share my experiences with others and encouraging them to see the world is my favorite part of the job. Our brand motto is, you have “One life, One shot, make it count [with #NOREGRETS].” I totally live by that.

Where have you travelled? What was your favourite destination? 

I have travelled Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Australia, Fiji, Peru, Costa Rica, Caribbean and Egypt to name a few. It is hard to pick a favorite destination as they are all unique and diverse, but Peru had such an interesting culture and stunning scenery I would go back in a second. Costa Rica was filled with adventure and sailing in Croatia was all-around awesome and relaxing.

Where are you off to next?

My next trip will be to attend the Contiki Holidays Global Meet-Up, that is in Greece this summer! I would also love to explore more of Vietnam, hopefully next year.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received?

“Do one thing every day that scares you”. This quote is always in the back of my mind. While I am travelling or living life in general I think it is important to constantly challenge myself. This motto has also led to some pretty awesome adventures!

Most horrifying travel story: When I was younger, after travelling in Australia for a year I planned to stop in Thailand for 3 weeks but I didn’t realize my passport expiry date was just less than 6 months. This meant I could not enter Thailand. I had to cancel my flight and stay in Singapore while I sorted everything out with the Canadian consulate! Thank goodness they were able to help me out, and within 3 days I was enjoying Pad Thai!

I am wearing: A flowing sundress and flip flops. The best part of summer is the lack of winter jackets! Summer is all about being comfortable and versatile.

I am reading: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green…again. The first time I read the novel it touched my heart and I could not put it down. I figured I should read it again before seeing the movie; hopefully it does the book justice.

The most versatile outfit in my closet: My black pencil skirt. It dresses up any plain t-shirt and is perfect for work or play.

Beauty must-haves when travelling: Chap stick and mascara… and a hairbrush. I forgot my hairbrush on my way to Italy last year. It led to a messy hair situation.

One thing I can’t leave the house without: My iPhone. I used to pride myself on having a flip phone for life; once I made the switch a few years ago I realized what I had been missing!

Favorite place to eat in Toronto: Sneaky Dees. Whether you are going for a Mexican burrito feast, nachos piled a mile high or those awesome crispy wings, this restaurant never disappoints. I also love its atmosphere and the diversity of the crowd.

Ideal Friday night plans: Meeting up with friends for drinks that leads to a night out on the town or a beach fire that leads to a dance party around the fire!

Most exciting moment of my career so far: I was asked to accompany a group of Youtubers & bloggers to Thailand for a media trip last year. It was an epic experience with amazing people. We travelled through the mainland and to the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Since the group was documenting the trip, I am able to look back and remember the great moments we experienced together.


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