Darling of the Week (Talia Brown)

Our Darling of the Week is the lovely Talia Brown. She’s known in the Toronto fashion community for being a FAB stylist, and one look at her personal style tells you why.
Talia BrownMy canvas is the body and my art is expressed through clothing. Fashion has always been my passion. Even at a very young age she insisted on dressing herself. Impeccably turned out, she understood the importance of knowing one’s personal preferences, and paying particular attention to even the smallest of details.Inheriting a keen sartorial eye from her fashion designer mother, Brown’s aesthetic is certainly chameleon-like, with her ability to style even the most unconventional of individuals. Though her own personal tastes skew towards classic yet effortless femininity, she still is able to interact with fashion trends, as well as conceptual ideas to create work that pleases both the client, as well as her most exacting critic–herself. With a tactile approach to fashion styling, she relies on her senses to create combinations that are at once timeless, and fashion forward.
The most versatile item in my closet: I believe that no matter what you have on a person always sees your coat first. So I guess my classic Burberry tench at the right time of year.
Beauty must-haves: I keep it simple Nars Orgasm, YSL touché éclat, and lip gloss. A friend gifted a YSL gloss that just seems to good to be true.
One thing every girl should have: A dress that makes her feel like a confident princess. “The Little Black Dress” never goes out if styleWhat are you listening to right now: Kiss Me Ed Sheeran
The one thing I can’t leave the house without:  Sad but true, my phone, my lifeline.
Favorite place to eat in the city: Fresh, Le Paradis,  Cafe Doria or Dlish Cupcakes. Yes you read that right. Sometimes I just want a sweet treat.Ideal friday night plans:  Cooking and watching a good movie. Chill after a long week of playing and painting the city all kinds of colours.
 All time favorite book/movie: Great Expectations

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