Darling of the Week (Meg Button)

 Meg Button Darling of the week (Chic Darling)

I’m the Head of Digital and Social Media at Star Content Studios, an agency that is part of Star Media Group. We work on everything from digital magazines, social media strategies and branded video content. I went to school for advertising and make it a priority to connect with students to share what I’ve learned and help get their careers started – I’m actually speaking at the Schulich School of Business today about Influencer Marketing. Each week I co-host a podcast with my pal Zach called The Zach Bussey Show (available on iTunes) we cover what’s happening in the world of media, pop culture and our personal lives. I’m also the Head of Hype at PartyPeopleTO – an event planning company I started to throw buzz-worthy events in the city. I blog sometimes here: megbutton.com, I tweet here: @megbutton and happy to talk biz here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/megbutton

I am wearing:

Today my look is pretty office casual: blue jeans, black blazer and Tupac t-shirt. To stick with the gangster theme, I’ve got a long necklace with coins on it and my big Coach boyfriend watch.

The most versatile item in my closet:

My Manolo Blahnik beige patent leather pumps. They make every outfit look better.

Beauty must-haves… 

I like to rock beach hair pretty much every day of the week no matter where I am. The BEST product I’ve found is a spray at Sephora called – you guessed it – beach hair! It’s not a hair spray and it’s not a shine spray, it’s somewhere in between. I just let my hair air dry and then give it a few spritz and done! http://www.sephora.com/a-perfect-mess-beach-hair-P293103

One thing every girl should have:

A good transitional outfit. Something that looks conservative enough for the office, but cute enough for drinks after work.

I went for years having a divide in my closet between work and weekend clothes. Now, I find ways to mix the two together to bring a bit of my own style to the office (RE: Tupac t-shirt reference above). For transitional outfits, layers are key. Blazers, cardigans, tights – anything you can quickly swap to freshen up your look up for the night. Throwing on some hot pink lipstick and pumps works too.

What are you listening to right now:

90210 slumber party on Songza. All your favorite 90’s girl power hits in one playlist.

The one thing I can’t leave the house without:

My debit card.

Favorite place to eat in the city:

If I had to pick just one, it would be Swish by Han on Wellington. It’s a Korean BBQ place, nice vibe, funky tunes and great staff. I highly recommend the chicken lettuce wraps.

Ideal friday night plans:

I might be a little bias on this one, but definitely a PartyPeopleTO event partying with Toronto’s finest. Nothing like getting home from work, getting ready with the girls and heading out for a night of music and dancing. I have enough quiet time during the week, so on the weekend I like the music loud, the vodka cold and the party live.

All time favorite book/movie:

Depends on my mood. Today, I’ll say Empire Records.


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