Darling of the Week (Jack Harding)

This week’s Darling is Jack from OhWowYouWoreThat; a site that has quickly gone to the top of ‘must visit’ list. You want to go check it out if you’re a fashion lover.
PS. Yes, he’s our first male Darling. That’s how much we like him.
Tell us a little about yourself and your site:
Well, first and foremost I am a fashion lover and that has taken a major role in my work and my blog. I currently do public relations for a few clients and I also do brand management and brand building with clients on a regular basis. Having experience in branding and public outreach, it has really helped me in being able to build OhWowYouWoreThat! I like to think of it as my little corner of the internet and the fact that people still come to read me blows my mind!
I am wearing: Levi’s cargo jacket, black jersey t-shirt, black skinny jeans, new era limited edition cap, fluevog edwardian hamburger shoes
The most versatile item in my closet:  My black Blass blazer. It can be dressed up down and all around. It’s my absolute favorite.
Grooming  must-haves… A good moisturizer and a great cologne.
One thing every guy should have: A sense of humor and a flare for fashion
What are you listening to right now: Charli XCX
The one thing I can’t leave the house without: My Tiffany’s atlas cube. It never comes off my neck.
Favorite place to eat in the city: Ciao Bar in Yorkville
Ideal friday night plans: Great friends, great food, and a great atmosphere.
All time favorite book/movie: I am in love with the entire Wizard of Oz series of books. I can’t pick just one!
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