Darling of the Week ( Bridget Casey)

Nothing really prepares you the moment when you meet online friends offline. There is normally a sense of dread. Luckily that wasn’t the case when we finally got to meet Bridget a few weeks ago in Toronto. Her charm, effortless style and gravitating personality makes it really hard to not be her friend.


Bridget Casey

I wear many hats, and my online persona is an extension of my offline personality. The ironic fact of my life is that someone with a shopping obsession writes a personal finance blog. If you want to make yourself feel good about your shopping habits, feel free to take a gander over at Money After Graduation.


I am wearing: an adorable 3/4 sleeve polkadot dress, fierce leopard print ballet flats, and classic pearl earrings.

The most versatile item in my closet: my gorgeous lambskin leather jacket

Beauty must-haves… 

One thing every girl should have: a waxer she trusts

What are you listening to right now: “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin Van Buuren.

The one thing I can’t leave the house without: mascara

Favorite place to eat in the city: Niche. Highly, highly recommend http://experienceniche.ca

Ideal friday night plans: dinner with my girlfriends, followed by various misadventures and mischief, and finally ending with French toast at a diner at 5am. I will also accept a quiet night in with a book by the fire, because I am getting a little bit old.

All time favorite book/movie: book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and movie Kill Bill, because I like women that are beautiful and terrifying.

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  1. “Her charm, effortless style and gravitating personality makes it really hard to be her friend.”

    And the award for backhanded compliment of the year goes to…

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