Danier Leather Spring 2014

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I remember my first leather jacket. I was 17, and I fell in love with this beautiful bomber jacket at Danier. I wore that thing everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. It was beautiful, and perfect, and fit like a glove. Needless to say, Danier has a special place in my heart, and big place in my closet. Gone are the days where we only think of Danier Leather for black or red leather jackets though.

This season offers spring-ready pieces in stark whites and soft pastels. Refreshing old wardrobe essentials with leather paneling, perforated leather inserts and blocking, Danier’s Spring collection is full of luxe details for the fashion-conscious shopper.

Now all we need is this polar vortex business to end so we can start wearing these beauties out again.

FEB Womens Lookbook_0013_#13 FEB Womens Lookbook_0001_#1

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