Create Your Signature Holiday Outfit

Holiday season is finally here, and we’re in the midst of trying to find a way to make this one as memorable as possible.

While many people focus on finding the perfect outfit, or having your hair and makeup polished for Xmas or NYE, most people forget the finishing touch- finding your signature scent, and colour.

We know, most people tend to think that you need to have the sexy black dress for the holiday season, but allow us to disagree here- your signature look should be whatever makes you feel sexy, but really comfortable- for us that is having a dress that wears easy, but has a bit of sparkle.

mad_love2Because having sparkles makes everything else really easy, we tend to use that as our jumping off point.

Having the right scent has a way of putting you in a mood like nothing else. This year, we’re going for a fun, sexy vibe so, in addition to the finding the perfect outfit, we’re adding Katy Perry’s Mad Love fragrance to our arsenal.

How to pull together the perfect holiday outfit:

Create Your Signature Holiday OutfitThe dress:

We’re HUGE fans of comfort first. There are a million ways to look put together while being comfortable- the easiest way to do that is by adding shine, and texture. That’s why we’re opting for this wonderful pink/peach sequined dress. Not only is it really really comfortable, but it’s easy to wear and dress up. You basically just have to wear it- no accessories needed.

Grab the dress from H&M 


The shoes:

Gone are the days of wearing super high heels for nights out- these days we’re all about being able to have a good time for the entire night, and not cry in pain from 4-5 inch high heels.


Grab the shoes from Aerin.

The scent:

Being in the fun, sexy mood needs the perfect scent, and Katy Perry’s Mad Love is just that.  Addictive from the start, this playfully sexy fruity fragrance opens with the succulence of Lady Apple Sorbet and Mara Strawberry blended to perfection with the freshness of delicious pink Grapefruit. Mixed with subtle middle notes of peonies (because!!), smooth jasmine, and bleeding heart flower provide just the right touch. Indulgent warmth builds in the background with the allure of coconut wood, skin musk, and ever so sensual sandalwood.

It’s the perfect combination of subtle and bedazzled- right up our alley!

You can pick up your bottle at Walgreens!



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