Coconut Oil for your Hair and Skin

When I think of great hair I think of Erin Burnett from CNN, we all want thick luscious, shiny, silky hair, and she has a head full of it! I’ve tried everything to make my hair a little shinier and even rid of my split ends but nothing has worked as well as coconut oil.



Coconut oil is a thick and chunky paste with (you guessed it) bits of coconut in it. You can get it at any local super market – for a hefty price but it definitely goes a long way. You can use coconut oil for cooking or baking and even to help you shed some unwanted pounds. We love coconut oil because of the wonders it can do for your skin and hair.

HAIR: I use coconut oil once a month on my hair. I melt it in the microwave, comb it into my hair, let it sit for a few hours, and wash it our. Almost instantly your hair looks silkier, smoother, and healthier. It also helps your hair grow faster!

LIPS: Just spread it on your lips before bed for ultimate hydration all night long — PERFECT cure for the chapped red puckers you’ll be walking around with this winter.

EYES: Coconut oil is great for removing makeup, all you need is a dab to get rid of mascara or eyeliner. I recommend using a Q-tip so as not to get any oil in your eyes.

FACE: Okay, we know you’re young, gorgeous, have amazingly tight and supple skin, BUT it’s never too early to help prevent wrinkles. Spread some oil around your eyes to help prevent crows-feet, wrinkles, and bags.

SKIN: With the colder weather creeping up we really need to get your skin ready. Mix in some granulated sugar with coconut oil to use as an exfoliator, and get ready for some sexy smooth skin all winter long!

Check out Women’s Health Mag for some other great uses for coconut oil!



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