City Guide: Washington, DC

As far as beauty, attractions and history goes, Washington DC is one of the most compelling cities to visit in the Eastern US.

It’s difficult not to think about the White House when you think of Washington, but there are many more reasons to visit the Capital City.



Getting to DC is a fairly simple endeavour, since it’s surrounded by other states and entry points.

We arrived via rental car from Virginia, though you could take the Amtrak train as well. The Reagan National Airport is a large, international airport that you can use to fly in if you aren’t arriving by land.

If you’re arriving by car, you’re in luck: Washington is an easy-to-understand street structure so it’s not likely you’ll get lost. We didn’t, and both of us are directionally challeneged.


Washington DC has many awesome neighborhoods to stay in, but our favorite (hands down!) was Georgetown.

We stayed at The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, which is the perfect luxury hotel in DC. We coludn’t have imagined a better location for our stay in DC, with the hotel within a short walking distance to restaurants, bakeries, bars, and parks.

Hotel Exterior



Not that you need to leave the hotel at all, if you don’t want to! The lobby has the most perfect little bar and restaurant, and you absolutely must try the yoga brunch.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to the downtown area, the Ritz-Carlton Washington DC is the perfect choice.

One Bedroom Suite

On 22nd Street, the Ritz-Carlton Washington is in the perfect location if you want to be in the midst of the city.


Our entire trip was beautiful weather, until we arrived in DC.

Summer graced the city a bit early, leaving the temperatures around 87 degrees, and since it’s an Eastern state, the humidity made the heat more known.

If you’re visiting in the late spring, early fall, or anytime during the summer, pack light, breathable clothing so you don’t end up melting while you’re trying to sight see.

The saving grace about this city is that so many of the museums (95% of them) are free and air conditioned – so bring along a light jacket or cardigan for those chilly museums!


DC has a very young, hip vibe to it, so there’s always great options for happy hour cocktails and apps on the patio.

If you’re looking for the perfect meal out to satisfy every craving, we’d highly recommend Founding Farmers, which focuses on sourcing their food from local, American farms. The food is absolutely delicious. Don’t forget to order dessert!

One can’t-miss food experience in DC is the Yoga Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown.

yoga in urban garden







First, you pop into the Urban Garden, a peaceful sanctuary on the grounds for some rejuvenating yoga.

Then, you head over to the patio for a beautiful brunch, complete with unlimited mimosas and Bloody Marys.

As if this wasn’t perfect enough, the food is also absolutely delicious.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes



We were huge fans of the lemon ricotta pancakes and wish we could have had more of everything!

For a snack, pop into Baked and Wired Cafe in Georgetown. Rumour has it that Baked

and Wired has some of the best cupcakes in all of DC, but it also has a really cool vibe and great coffee.

What to Do

We probably don’t have to tell you what to do in DC, but here are a few things that we particularly enjoyed:

  • The National Museum of American History (check out Julia Child’s kitchen!)
  • Check out the White House
  • Gaze at the Capitol building
  • Enjoy the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument

You could wander around the city all day checking everything out.

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