Chic Ways to Stay Warm

Summer brings daydreams of warm weather, good food, and of course, cute clothes. Unfortunately, we are not so lucky with winter.

Staying warm is top priority in the winter, and unfortunately some ways of doing so mean that we are stuck with some less than flattering clothes. But there are a few chic ways to stay warm this winter, indoors and out!




Throw on a cute scarf that goes well with both your jacket and your top; that way, you don’t have to take off your scarf when you are indoors.


Leg Warmers (or boot toppers)

leg warmers

These not only look cute, but they keep you extra warm, too. For extra coverage, use leg warmers instead of just boot toppers.

Big, Comfy Sweaters




There’s nothing like keeping warm in a cozy sweater in the winter, and they don’t have to look sloppy. Pair one with some skinny jeans or leggings, your favorite pair of boots and a chunky necklace and you look great AND stay warm.



Find a hat that you love, and that looks good on you. They will keep you warm and look cute, too. Bonus: a hat will cover a bad hair day.


Wishing you a warm and happy week!



  1. My staples this winter have been scarves and big comfy sweater… to the point where people have started commenting 🙂 But I’m warm and happy not to mention that they’re so comfortable.

    I didn’t think of boot toppers. I’m addicted to leggings this winter and boot toppers would help me stop running for cover every time I’m outside.

  2. I really love those boot toppers, may have to try a pair! Living in NYC, I tend to layer a lot in the winter. Going from the frigid outdoors to toasty warm interiors, layering makes it easy to add or subtract clothing as needed!:-)

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