Chic Darling’s Beauty Holy Grails ( Shu Uemura Cleaning Oil)

I am the pickest person when it comes to products for my face. I have sensitive skin and as a result, have to be really careful with what I put on my face. Having a cleanser be the reason for breakouts is not something that I want, especially since I dislike caking on foundation all the time.

Once I find something great for my skin, I tend to stick with it, so when I found out that the Clinique line worked well with my skin, I didn’t bother looking for anything else. Until now that is.  Two weeks ago, my friend gave me a bottle of Shu Uemura to try claiming that she swears by it, and its the greatest thing invented for sensitive skin. While I was skeptical, I went ahead and followed the weird instructions anyway.

By weird I mean that you have to apply 2 pumps to dry skin, rub it in and then wash it off. I have to say that for a lazy person like me, it was fantastic. It takes EVERYTHING off my face the first time. The days that I wear makeup, I have to wash my face twice; once to remove the makeup, and the second time to cleanse my skin.

While I was pleasantly surprised, I waited a week or so before I could pass judgement on Shu Uemura. Sometimes it takes my skin a few days to react to something new and I didn’t to recommend something then have it cause breakouts. So far so good, and it’s helping with blackheads and large pores.


With the price point of $67.00 for 450ml, it is slightly higher that normal, but knowing that I don’t have to worry about dry skin after removing my makeup,  and having the clearest skin I’ve had in a long time is certainly worth it.  I would recommend buying the 150 ml bottle for Shu Uemura to try out first before jumping in. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.


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