Chic Darling’s Beauty Holy Grail (Ruby Woo)

While its extremely strange to dedicate an entire post to a lipstick, I feel that I must share the goodness that is Ruby Woo from Mac Cosmetics.

I discovered this shade on a recent trip to New York and it has been my go-to red ever since. The reason I’m so excited about it is because I’ve been on the hunt for this particular shade for months. I’ve tried close to 40 different ones, ranging from drugstore to YSL, and while the high end ones are great, they aren’t as versatile as this.


It is a bit of process to put it on. I use a primer and a lipliner before applying it and it stays on for hours without needing to be touched up. And since its MATTE, it can be worn during the day, and it easily adds the extra touch to any evening outfit.

Ruby Woo

Do yourself a favour and run out and buy it right now. I’m going to since I have a feeling that my sisters are about to steal mine.

  1. Hi There

    I just came across your post for Ruby Woo by MAC and have to agree.
    I purchased this lipstick a while ago for a press event I was attending and my business was also supporting so had to look and feel the part.

    Let me just say I have never looked at Red in the same way. You are so right about it flattering any skin tone (Iam a light skinned indian girl) and it does stay on all day.

    My days are long at the spa and sometimes I go from work to business events and it looks beautiful no matter what I wear.

    I share your love for this Lipstick.


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