Build It Your Way With Public Mobile’s #SIMSWAP Program + A Phone and 1 Year Service Giveaway!

There’s something amazing about being able to call the shots in life. Being able to go where you want, and do what you want is a great feeling- and something that we all strive for.

public_mobile_chic_darling_2Sadly, not everything allows you that freedom. Take our current cell phone plans for example; if you’re a tech lover like I am, you know the pain of contracts better than anymore.  Having gotten my first cell phone at the age of 16, I know the restrictions of those contracts intimately.

I’ll be honest though, my issue has never been the contracts themselves, but the lack of flexibility that comes with most standard contracts.

I love options.

I love having plans catered to me because my lifestyle isn’t like anyone else I know.  The things that most people are excited about in a cell phone don’t even crack the top 5 on my list.

If you’re like me, then it’s time to get really excited!



The wireless company that puts all the others to shame.

If you’re like me, and love having the ability to customize a package that meets your needs then this is the company for you too!

Here’s how cool they are:

My first experience with Public Mobile was through their fun #SIMSwap campaign that lets you trade junk (think gum wrappers, empty cans, rolled up tinfoil etc.) for a new SIM card.

Yep, you read that right. Give them your junk and get a new SIM card.

sweater_public_mobilePublic Mobile prides itself on offering Canadians a simple approach to communication. With no contract or surprise fees, consumers bring their own phone, build their own plans and earn rewards to bring their costs down further.

One of the biggest hesitations that most people have when it comes to switching is having reception when they need it. Public Mobile is on a national network so that’s not an issue here.

How it works:

All you have to do is take a picture of something you find useless and tag @publicmobile and hashtag it #SIMswap on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to make sure your accounts are set to public first. On Facebook, just post the photo on their wall. Public Mobile will reach out with a unique URL where you can order your SIM, and they might even use your useless item in their ads. Plus, you’ll get a little surprise gift. SIM cards will be mailed to each participant.

BUILD IT YOUR WAY WITH PUBLIC MOBILE’S #SIMSWAP PROGRAMPretty much anything that you would classify as junk (but don’t bring furniture or appliances- donate those!)

Being the savvy shopper that I am, I love the idea that Public Mobile lets you find the best packages for my needs with this program. There aren’t that many other brands that look out for you like Public Mobile is with the #SIMSwap program.


I’m giving away an Alcatel phone giveaway and one year of free service from Public Mobile!

Public Mobile

Alcatel phone and one year of free service from Public Mobile Giveaway!


(Sponsored by Public Mobile)


  1. I have a bunch of old cell phones and other junk. I even have one of the first Motorola flip phones that was so large it looks like an armed forces walkie talkie -lol- Not sure if hubby would let me trade that in though, he is somewhat sentimentally attached to that one.

  2. I would trade in my daughters useless windows phone that she purchased on boxing day with her Christmas money, it has been such a disappointment, constantly crashing, totally unreliable. And with her just starting high school, bussing for the first time and enrolled in all the after school activities a reliable phone would be great… some boxing day sales turn out to be a junk offload for companies lol

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