How to Style Black and White Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes seemed to blow up out of nowhere, and now we see them everywhere. Good thing, because not only are they unusual and edgy, they’re also very flattering for almost all figures (except the straight-up-and-down types) unlike their horizontal counterparts. The black and white variety seem to be the biggest right now. Here are some of our favorite ways to style black and white vertical stripes without looking like Beetlejuice (high five if you got that reference)

black and white vertical stripe outfit


You don’t need to wear everything them all together, but you can add any of these black and white vertical stripes to your outfit:

Maxi: Kiki La’ Rue, Lauren Maxi

Shorts: Madwell, Bungalow Strip Panorama Shorts

Dress: Sheinside, Black/White Vertical Stripe Pocket Dress

Blazer: Feeluxury, White Navy Notch Lapel Vertical Stripes Blazer

Flats: Forever21, City-Chic Striped Flats

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