5 Best Travel Beauty Essentials For Your Travel Bag

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate pleasure of losing your luggage you know how important having beauty products for your travel bag is. Whether it’s the need to freshen up during a layover, or just want to pack everything in a travel bag so you don’t have to worry about checked baggage, having these beauty essentials is key.

Having been in both situations, we’ve pulled together a list of best travel beauty essentials that you shouldn’t travel with.

best travel beauty essentials, travel bag

Moroccanoil-travelkit, best travel beauty essentials, travel bag,



This is pretty much the first thing that goes in our travel bag, and the only kit we recommend to anyone who asks. It is one of the best travel beauty essentials you can get your hands on. The beauty of this pack is that Moroccanoil is letting your create your own kit so you can have everything that your hair needs. starting at $9 each, available at moroccanoil.com



best travel beauty essentials, travel bag, BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL MASCARA & THEY'RE REAL PUSH UP LINER,



Ever notice how a little mascara can make you look awake instantly? The Benefit They’re Real Mascara and They’re Real Liner are two of our favorites. Not only are they easy to apply, but you don’t need too many coats to achieve that wide awake look. These are must haves in every travel bag, and two of the best travel beauty essentials that we can’t part with. The liner alone is worth every penny- especially for those of us who don’t have a steady hand. They also have a new makeup remover just incase things don’t go well. From $29 each, available at Sephora.com


best travel beauty essentials, travel bag



No one wants to wear a full face of makeup when they are travelling. Not only is it a hassle, but you never know when you’re going to get hot or cold. This Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is fantastic because of it’s light coverage, and the fact that it has SPF built it- making it one of the best travel beauty essentials in your travel bag if you want to look alive after a long flight. $35, available at Clinique.com   

NARS SATIN LIP PENCIL, best travel beauty essentials, travel bag


One of the best beauty tips we ever heard was to distract them with a bold lip when all else fails. The NARS satin lip pencil is one of the beauty travel essentials to have. What we like about it is that you get the full coverage of a lipstick but without having to worry the mess that comes with it. This modern, long-wearing, vitamin-enriched formula for lips looks sumptuously saturated and dramatically defined. $30, available at Sephora.com


ESSIE-SLEEK-STICK-NAIL-APPLIQUES, best travel beauty essentials, travel bag




There is nothing worse than having chipped nails and not having access to nail polish remover when you need it. This is why we always have the Essie Sleek Stick nail appliques in our travel bag. They are so easy to apply, and come in some very bright colours. These pre-cured UV appliqués mimic the feel of a handcrafted nail art and last up to 10 days. $10.99, available at  essie.com




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