Best Pumps for the Office

It can be difficult to balance fashion and professionalism in your 9-5. There is a time and a place for 5″ heels, and the office isn’t it. Shoes can be a fun and easy expression of your style, but you shouldn’t take it too far in the office.  You also don’t want to look frumpy, because one of the funnest parts about work is dressing for it! Luckily there are some great options out there, and one of your best bets is pumps. Pumps can be comfortable and are a classic. They can go with any pant or skirt, and are generally office-appropriate.

There are a few considerations when you’re shopping for new shoes. Be sure to consider:

  • Heel height. We think that the perfect heel height for work is 2.5 – 3″.
  • Toe. Round toed shoes are great for a skinny legged pant, whereas peep toe is more appropriate for the spring and summer months. Pointed toe are professional and polished any time, particularly with a wide leg. Mary-jane style can look great with skirts.
  • Material. We’re fans of leather for the office. Other fabrics may work as well,but patents can be noisy and scuff easily.
  • Color. Wearing neon yellow pumps to the office may not be the most professional choice. Neutrals like black, nude, and gray can go with anything, but a little color never hurt.

Here are some of our office favorites.

best office heels


Mary-Jane: Kate Spade, Nuovo Pumps

Round Toed Nude Pumps: Chinese Laundry, New Love – Patent Nude

Grey Pointed Toe Pumps: Guess, Eleana Pumps

Red Peep-Toes: Nine West, Seamlesoul

Bootie: Chinese Laundry, Lannie Oxford Bootie

Mustard Pump: Manolo Blahnik Suede BB

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