Hotel Review: The Ritz-Carlton Washington DC

Washington DC is one of our favorite American cities. From the beauty of Georgetown to the hustle and bustle of this political city, DC is a gem.

We visited DC in the summer, though, which meant that we needed reprieve from the heat. And could there possibly be a better way to get reprieve from the heat than in luxury?

Or, better put, in Ritz-Carlton brand luxury?

We know you guys love luxury travel, so we worked with Ritz-Carlton for our stay in the Washington DC Ritz, and as usual, this amazing brand over-delivered.

After our nights in the Georgetown location (stunning, by the way and you MUST have brunch there), we switched the more-central uptown location.


Just as beautiful as the Georgetown location, the Washington DC Ritz-Carlton on 22nd street is centrally located near shops, restaurants, and many attractions.

We beat the heat in our stunning room which, true to Ritz-Carlton brand, was meticulous and personalized:











The hotel lobby itself is, of course, beautiful.

The staff and valet were a wonderful start to our stay with the brand. The Ritz-Carlton wouldn’t be the Ritz without their exceptional customer service.

We were greeted by friendly valet, and wonderful staff.

This hotel is more historical than the Georgetown location.



With an entirely different feel, the hotel is refined and beautiful, much less hip and more elegant than the newer Georgetown location.

Of course, the hotel has a great bar:






Where you can relax after a long day of sightseeing.

You know that Ritz-Carltons are your best bet for luxury stay in any city. Depending on your taste, you’re lucky to have two Ritz options in DC. Are you up for the fun, young, laid-back luxury vibe of the Georgetown location or the traditional refined elegance of the 22nd st location?

The ADDRESS: 1150 22nd Street, N.W., Washington

AMENITIES:  WIFI, TV, Hair dryer,  Toiletries, Fitness Facilities, Bar, Restaurants, Valet


YOU CAN WALK TO: Parks, restaurants, dessert, bars, museums, cafes

EASIEST FORM OF TRANSPORT TO AND FROM HOTEL: Cab, rented car, public transportation

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Beautiful, refined luxury true to the iconic Ritz brand.

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