Best Dressed Men in Hollywood

There’s just something about a nicely dressed man that (most) women love. Maybe it’s the fact that most men that we know in real life don’t care about clothes or their appearance, so it’s a refreshing change to see men look polished.

Here are a few of the best dressed men in Hollywood:


Scott Disick

There’s just something about a guy in a suit.


Scott’s clothes are always perfectly tailored and fit him like a dream, and it definitely helps that he has marvelous hair.His tot, Mason, gets an honorary mention here, too. Like father, like son.


David Beckham

His fashionista wife, Victoria, would probably never let him out of the house otherwise, but David Beckham is one well-dressed athlete.


There’s just something effortless about most of David’s outfits. He’s usually seen sporting jeans, or a leather jacket, but he always looks well put together and groomed (even when he’s trying to look like he just rolled out of bed).

Justin Timberlake

Nobody can really rock the hipster glasses like JT. Same goes for a good fedora.

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nomination Announcement

JT’s style is very masculine-chic. His bone structure definitely helps his cause.


Hollywood focuses on the ladies and their fabulous style, but we like to give a nod to the men who try, too.


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