5 Best Books That You Need To Pack For Your Vacation

It’s about time for your next vacation and you’re wondering what you’ll do with all the time you have to spare and want to know what the best books for vacation are. You’re taking a REAL vacation, leaving your cell phone and laptop at home, so between waiting in lines, sitting on a plane (train or taxi), and relaxing on a sandy beach, you’ve got loads of time to catch make a dent in your ‘to-read’ pile. Here are five fabulous page-flipping books to add to your list and take with you on vacation (can we come with?!).

Kiss Me First -- Lottie MoggachKiss Me First — Lottie Moggach

Lies. Facebook. Identity Theft. Kiss Me First is creepy, suspenseful, and undeniably eerie. You’ll flip pages without even realizing it, your heart will race, and you’ll go to bed wondering if social media is all that it’s cracked up to be.










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